It’s time for us to leave our Kitchen
but our journey is now evolving
to continue with our new brand

Sooo Hot Branding & Visual Identity.

Identity & Branding
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Online branding and Website for SalesForce partner.

Digital & Interactive
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Daring House

Berlin Based Production Branding.

Identity & Branding
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Planetarium Prague, City of Prague

Planetum. A Star is Born.

Identity & Branding
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Strategy. Idea.




Creativity Is The Language Of Success.

Kitchen Is Its Grammar.


The old rules are crumbling. The past quick fixes are neither quick, nor fixes. In a shifting communication landscape where media and tastes change faster than fashion, there’s only one anchor to keep the boat steady. Creativity. A new way of looking at same ol’ problems. That’s what Kitchen speaks. And Design is our favourite verb.

Kitchen creates next generation brands and unique experiences.