1st January, 1970

Good Work Is The

Worst Kept Secret.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, every bit of design, and of course, the occasional unapologetic, self congratulatory pat on our back.

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13th February, 2017

We Are Part of AWWWARDS 2017 jury!

We're proud to announce that our creative director Matija Vujovic is a member of judging panel on AWWWARDS for 2017, 4th year in a row.

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7th February, 2017

European Travel Commision. New Member Of Our Family.

We would like to welcome European Travel Commition and Visit Europe brand to our family to whom we're preparing new branding, internal and online campaign.

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13th January, 2017

We're judging Creativepool 2017 Annual.

Our creative director is for the 2nd time part of the international jury on London's Creativepool Annual 2017. This year he'll be responsible for the Wave category.

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27th November, 2016

Matija Vujovic ranked 9th Digital Creative Director globally, between top 25 on London's Creativepool.

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3rd November, 2016

We're judging the Art Directors Club Europe 2016.

It was a great honor, pleasure and experience to be a part of a judging panel on 25th edition of the ADCE Awards in Barcelona between 52 leading creatives from 19 different European countries. Here is the article by Matija Vujovic, Kitchen's chef about it...

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24th September, 2016

Bohemia Jihlava Wins Website Of The Day on CSS Design Awards!

Our crafted visually unique experience for Bohemia Jihlava wins Website of the day on CSS Design Awards.

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23rd September, 2016

Mini Interview with the Art Directors Club Czech Republic.

Matija about his past, present and passion in an interview for Art Directors Club Czech Republic...

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29th April, 2016

Artstaq. New Member of Our Family.

We're so proud to be a part of Artstaq, new tech start-up. Artstaq is automated trading and rating standard for art quotation.

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10th April, 2016

Don't miss our presentation on White Square Festival.

On 15.04. Matija will talk on White Square Festival in Minsk about how the rules of creative cooking can be easly applied to preparation of award winning digital delights. Looking forward to your presence. 

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10th April, 2016

Kitchen Creative Director Matija Vujovic Charman of the Design/Branding Jury on White Square Internationa Advertising Festival

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1st April, 2016

We are part of Digital Jury at Art Directors Club Creative Awards 2016

Kitchen Creative Director Matija Vujovic Member of Digital Jury at Art Directors Club Creative Awards 2016

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24th February, 2016

We are in the Digital Jury on London's Creativepool Annual 2016.

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21st October, 2015

We Are Speakers At Kaktus Festival.

Kaktus is a new festival which highlites and awardes ideas being born and executed inspite of the current market state and we are very pleased to be a part of such event.

MADLENIANUM OPERA & THEATRE Belgrade, October 29th

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9th July, 2015

Don't Miss The Kitchen Chefs In Action!

We are speakers on 22nd GoldenDrum, 13-16 October.

We hope you will join us at this year’s Golden Drum Festival.

Come see the Kitchen chefs in action to learn how the rules of creative cooking can as easily be applied to transform humdrum online projects into steaming hot, award-winning digital delights. Bon Appetit!

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18th June, 2015

Kitchen @ "200 Best Packaging Design Worldwide" book from Lurzer's Archive

It is a truly rewarding feeling to receive an invitation by the Lürzer’s Archive, to be part of their upcoming book ‘200 Best Packaging design Worldwide’ for the 2015/16 year.

We are especially glad that we can present ourselves with some of our finest work, "South Bohemian Fusion” packaging design.

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2nd June, 2015

3 Awards In May  Got Us To Top 5 Agencies Globally!

Last month was very successful for Kitchen - 3 Websites Of The Day on CSS Design Awards, which got us to top 5 agencies globally! Congrats to the team and thank you!

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26th May, 2015

Our "Journey Around The World" Wins CSS Design Awards!

CSS Design Awards - Site Of The Day is ours for the second time this month! 

As part of the campaign we're doing for the Central Kladno shopping mall's grand opening and the LEGO Wonder exhibition, we created an educational micro site featuring an interactive quiz.

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10th May, 2015

Finn Lough Project Gets Award on CSS Design Awards!

Our online experience of the Finn Lough resort is today's winner on CSS Design Awards! :) check it out!

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16th April, 2015

Experience Is Trusting Your Taste And Sharing It With Others: Kitchen Is Part Of CSSDA Jury 2015.

We are very proud to announce that our Lead Developer Filip Arneric is officially part of CSS Design Awards 2015 Judging Panel.

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3rd February, 2015


Good taste is a flavor we're proud of: Kitchen again @ AWWWARDS jury 2015.


We are proud to say that our Chef de Cuisine, Matija Vujovic has once again been selected to be a member of the Awwwards' jury! 

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27th January, 2015


A fresh breath of digital air.

Finn Lough website is online!


Immerse yourself completely in our thorough digital presentation of Finn Lough, the beautiful resort in Northern Ireland. We've crafted a unique overview of the location and what it offers.

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19th December, 2014


Eight Lego Wonders Of Kladno.


Even though there are still some bricks left to place before it's ready to play with, we want to give you a glimpse of one project we're working hard on at the moment. As a part of the campaign we're doing for Central Kladno's grand opening and Lego Wonder exhibition, there will be a microsite featuring an interactive quiz. The campaign in its entirety will also involve fun prizes, stunning print ads and involvement with the Kladno school system! 

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26th September, 2014

Crestyl Knows Their Alphabet, So Do We.

Our print campaign for Crestyl Corporate can now be seen portraying them as the "ABC of quality development.

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2nd September, 2014

Setting The Stage.

A project we were happy to be involved in and get to shape visually was newly formed agency the Stage's presence at Designblok this year. The Stage represents a distinct curation of interesting designers and we appreciate everyone who aims the spotlight on fresh design.

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3rd July, 2014

A very happy meal!

Not only did we just recently start working on McDonald's Czech and Slovak account, but we also quickly managed to whip up a concept and microsite to aid their summer Happy Meal campaign! It took one day before the community showed their support, thank you CSS Winner for the award and showcasing! 

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30th June, 2014

Day Of The Dock!

We are very happy to announce that our work for Crestyl's Dock has been awarded with "Site of the day" by the prestigious Awwwards! Cheers to everyone involved! 

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10th June, 2014

Would you like fries with that?

We are happy to announce that we will be working on McDonald's Czech and Slovak account! Looking forward to see what this Kitchen-meets-kitchen fusion will lead to! 

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4th June, 2014

Will The Members Of The Jury Please Rise

Our chef de cuisine Matija Vujovic and lead developer Filip Arneric have been given the honor to act as preliminary judges in the 2014 edition of Ad Stars! This marks the second time that Matija will influence one of the Asia's largest global advertisment festival, furthering the scent of Kitchen around the world! 

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12th March, 2014

Fusion Shortlisted On ADC Creative Awards.

Our packaging design for South Bohemian Fusion Spa Cosmetics is Shortlisted on Art Directors Club Creative Awards 2013.

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24th January, 2014

Kitchen at AWWWARDS Jury For 2014.

"It is difficult to judge beauty: beauty is an enigma."

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Our chef de cuisine, Matija Vujovic is now a member of prestigious AWWWARDS jury for 2014!

So prepare and submit your best web projects, and let him taste it :)



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21st January, 2014

Kitchen Placed As Second Best Agency Of The Year 2013 At CSS Design Awards!

Now the main story in general is of course that the talented studio Shiftbrain from Tokyo were placed as nr 1 agency last year on CSS Design Awards, congratulations and great work! We also pop our champagne however, as Kitchen landed the second place! This is a huge step for us, considering that CSS Design Awards is one of the most prominent award sites in the field of digital design. It feels great to get appreciation for all of the hours we pour into the projects, cheers!

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1st January, 2014

AWWWARDS Is Ours Again: Curadmir!

30th of December Is New Date In Our 2013 Winning Calendar! This time we did it for Curadmir event. With very high score we're now candidate for Website of the month! Nothing without great clients...Michael, Patrick...thank you!

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23rd December, 2013

Crestyl - New Member Of Our Family.



We're pleased to announce our collaboration with Crestyl, leading developers with a wide ranging portfolio of residential and commercial projects. 

Kitchen will be responsible for managing full-service advertising for newly emerging Prague district DOCK, which will offer residential and office premises with a vista of the Vltava River and an unparalleled atmosphere.

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15th December, 2013

Kitchen Presents: First Day In CEZ.

We've launched new website for students and young people that shows how their first day in CEZ can look like. Experience your first day in CEZ too.

CEZ Group is an established, integrated electricity conglomerate with operations in a number of countries in Central and Southeastern Europe and Turkey, headquartered in the Czech Republic. 

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13th December, 2013

Yet Another Award On CSS Design Awards!!!

Friday the 13 th: Curadmir is the winner WOTD on CSS Design Awards! We did it for the fifth time, 3rd time in this year.

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2nd December, 2013

New Website for Curadmir Is Launched.

As a result of team work between Kitchen and our new UK clients, we've launched website for Curadmir, Ulster's premier cycling event - covering 360 miles in 3 days, through the some of the most spectacular scenery in the British Isles. Save the date: 24-26 May 2014!

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24th November, 2013

Finn Lough. One More UK Brand Joins Our Family.

Kitchen team is working on new online reciepe for exeptional resort in Northern Ireland, Finn Lough...

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19th November, 2013

Curadmir. Kitchen Is Serving In UK and Ireland.


We're preparing new website for Ulster's premier cycling event - covering 360 miles in 3 days (24-26 May 2014), through the some of the most spectacular scenery in the British Isles.

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7th August, 2013

Kitchen Wins Awwwards!

We’ve won the prestigious Awwwards.com Site of the Day, 

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24th July, 2013

French Have A Great Taste.

We're the winners on the French Design Index!

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14th September, 2012

Wellness Website Refreshes Jury.

We are the winners of CSS Design Awards with our latest project, Bozi Oko wellness hotel website! "CSS Design Awards are only awarded to websites that are superior in creativity, originality and overall design competence. We urge you to take a moment to appreciate the talent you possess and acknowledge your rightful place in the ever evolving history of web design. A website you designed has impressed our judges and been awarded a CSS Design Award which can be seen at http://www.cssdesignawards.com/. CSS Design Awards are not given out lightly. Congratulations on your achievement..." Winning team: Matija, Filip, Milos, Iva, Honza, Lucie. HUGE THANK YOU!!!

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3rd May, 2012

Another Day, Another Award!

We won another Site of the day award on CSS Winner. 

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24th May, 2012

Kitchen Stuns Top Design Mag.

30 Stunning CSS Based Websites That Don't Obey to Conventional Design Standards.
"CSS is a powerful tool which can help you create stunning web designs that are not only good looking but also browser-friendly. Combining CSS3 with HTML5 and jQuery can offer unlimited possibilities to a web designer, so he can create basically everything he wants. In this article you can see a showcase with 30 fresh examples of CSS based websites that are not only looking good but also have bold or atypical designs that doesnâ??t obey to the conventional rules of webdesign..."

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24th May, 2012

Volim ( I love ) Honey On Design Year Book.

Few weeks ago we find this beautiful article about our packaging design work on www.designyearbook.com:

"Seldom we saw a really nice and quality packaging design come from a far country, small producer such as Serbia. The brands name, identity and packaging was developed by Prague-based design firm Kitchen.

We have seen many honey bottle packaging employed a minimalist style but this one, the Volim Honey really make me warm from the heart. Probably because the honey is from the small country of Serbia, the illustrations remind me of all the fairy tales origin from all the far reach Southeastern European country. The hand drawn cartoon-feel illustrations successfully sending a warming and seasonal message to the shoppers. Overall, the packaging help to create an original and distinctive identity, with a hint of freshness for a small honey producer."

Thanks from our Kitchen!

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30th September, 2013

Another Victory On CSS Design Awards.

The 19th of September is marked with bold in our 2013 Calendar. We won Website Of the Day on CSS Design Awards. So the score is 4 wins and 5 nominations until today. We're happy and ready for the next one. Are you?

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21st June, 2013

Our Chef Serves At Asia Ad Stars.

Kitchen's creative director Matija Vujovic serves as member of jury on AD STARS, the biggest international advertising festival in Asia.


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20th July, 2013

Winning Is Our Old Habit.

We are the Site Of The Day winner on CSS Design Awards!


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20th December, 2012

Rebranding Of Luxury Hotels.

Kitchen is working on new corporate identity and complete rebranding of Milenij Hotels, group of four luxury hotels situated in Opatija, Croatia.

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1st November, 2012

Kitchen At Top Of Top Design Mag.

"When you are going shopping, the first thing that makes you decided on a product if you want to buy it or not is its package. If the design is attractive then there are good chances that you'll buy it, even if the quality is not so great. Creating a good package design is not an easy task because you need to think like your customer, act like him and understand what he needs from your product. It's more like a detective job so there's no wonder that this vital stage in creating the product's identity is the most expensive one. In this article you can see a collection of 20 gorgeous food package designs which are doing a wonderful job on making the customer buy the products."

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30th October, 2012

Another Yes For Our CSS...

Another Win On CSS Real.

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7th September, 2012

More Applause For Kitchen!

Again we're waiting for the Website of the day award on CSS Design Awards...

Our portfolio website project for Prague based documentary photographer Darija Jelincic is nominated for website of the day award on CSS Design Award, and CSS Winner...

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28th June, 2012

Lovely Package Finds Our Work Yummy.


Our design for honey Volim has been published on Lovely Package blog.

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1st May, 2012

Site For Sore Eyes.

We are proud to announce that we won Site of the Day at the CSS Design Awards ( http://www.cssdesignawards.com ) with our new corporate website. We are 29th of April winners.
Congratulations and huge thanks to our external partner, Filip Arneric, master of css coding.
Few words about award: 'CSS Design Awards is a living archive of the world's greatest websites and an inspirational showcase celebrating emerging talent. The goal of CSS Design Awards is to capture every step in the rapid evolution of web design and to shine a light on designers that inspire us all.'
Thanks everyone for support!

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7th April, 2012

50 Years Between Prague And The Balkans.

We are nearing to the long-awaited retrospective of films directed by Lordan Zafranovic.

We are nearing to the long-awaited retrospective of films directed by Lordan Zafranovic. His most important work is the first part of his WWII trilogy, Occupation in 26 Pictures (1978). This drama following the story of three young men's friendship set in World War II Dubrovnik went on to win the Big Golden Arena for Best Picture at Pula Film Festival and was a huge box office hit in Ireland. The other two parts of his WWII trilogy were The Fall of Italy (1981) and Evening Bells (1986). These movies caused controversy, with their mix of erotica and politics, influenced by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Luchino Visconti or Bernardo Bertolucci, and particularly because of their depiction of the Croats during World War II. After 1990 this caused Zafranovic to claim that he is a political dissident in the post-Yugoslav Croatia.Zafranovic has been labeled a "pornographer", "one of the great masters of modernism" (Dina Iordanova), "a poseur who bombastically exploits sex and violence", "one of the great masters of Yugoslav film", and "a classic Mediterranean whose films can be compared with those by Angelopoulos, Bertolucci or Liliana Cavani." Nonetheless his career moved from" the Communist Party's favorite author and an intense promoter of the regime "to a time when" his works have been censored and shut away in bunkers."

In the mid-1980s he turned to more intimate love themes, with films such as An Angel's Bite (1984) and Aloa: Festivity of the Whores (1988), notable for their erotics. He also directed numerous TV productions for Radio Television Belgrade and Radio Television Zagreb. Retrospective will be held in Prague, Czech Republic at Kino Svetozor from 4th to 7th of July 2012. We are honored to work on the visual identity and campaign for such a great director.

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